27 April 2020 | France

The competition

Cabernet is the most widely grown grape variety in the world. It is actually better to talk about cabernets in the plural, because there are many different types. The most well-known are the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, but there are others including the Cabernet Dorio, Cabernet Moravia, etc. There is even a Cabernet Blanc (see the cabernets page).

How can one keep from getting lost in the midst of all these wines made from the same grape variety but in such different terroirs? Besides, each winemaker ‘puts his hand in’ and gives his wine a special touch.

The objective of the International Competition of Cabernets is to compare these wines and award the best cabernets in the world. The competition is based on 3 key points:

A blind tasting
by sommeliers

The Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF) is partnering the competition. This organisation brings together nearly 1200 sommeliers and selects the best Sommelier of France, amongst other awards.
Their expertise and their perfect knowledge of consumer tastes is a further guarantee of the quality of the wine selection. The results of the selection are communicated to USDF members after the event.

Juries made up of 3 sommeliers blind taste several wines in a category. Prior to tasting, bottles are covered, numbered and sorted in accordance with their percentage of cabernet, origin and terroir.

Competition regulations are overseen by the DGCCRF

Only medals from wine competitions on the DGCCRF’s list can be shown on wine labels. The Cabernets International Competition is on this list.

An ISO 9001 certified organisation

The competition is run by Armonia, which also organises the prestigious Lyon International Competition, the International Gamay Competition (with Inter Beaujolais) and the ‘Un vin presque parfait’ with M6 television). Armonia is ISO 9001 certified and monitored by an external auditor. The company follows quality procedures in order to guarantee precise technical management for producers and rigorous selection for the consumers.

for a reasonable price

The competition awards two distinctions: Gold and Silver medals.
In light of the competition's reputation, bottles displaying these medals are shipped around the world and are very much in demand from restaurateurs, buyers and importers.
Furthermore, the cost of obtaining such medals is very competitive in order to keep cost price increases to a strict minimum.
Starting at 14 euros per thousand.


Wine registration

Registration by internet

Internet registration's advantages:

  • Payment by credit card, check or bank transfer
  • Extended deadline to send the samples
  • Quick registration

Registration by post

To submit your samples you must fill in the forms.
The forms must be sent with samples to the address that is indicated on them.